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We offer more than just a meal

Welcome to our Marosh Restaurant

Marosh Arabian Restaurant has been in business since 2011. We are a family owned and operated restaurant and take pride in providing our customers with the best food in town. During these years we have tested many different types of food items, and as a result we believe that we have molded a menu that will cater to everyone’s liking. All of our food is fresh and cooked at the restaurant.

At Marosh Restaurant we will treat you like family. Whether you want to indulge in our delicious food or hang out at our full bar with friends, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Our principles

  • 1Team LeadershipOur Restaurant Philosophy is as much – and probably more – as any business, a team sport. All of our members perform their given tasks at the highest level attainable to assure the customer’s satisfaction. We keep our members both motivated and satisfied.
  • 2OrganizationOur key to organization is a flexible plan. If it becomes necessary to call in more help, we know ahead of time which employees will be available to respond on short notice. If the house is uncharacteristically slow on Friday night, know which waiters are looking for a little extra time off. Always have a back up plan for staffing.Marosh Restaurant stay always aware of the trends and events in his local hospitality industry and the greater community. We know when the Shriners are going to be in town and prepare for their possible arrival at your establishment.
  • 3StaffWe are always in the heat of the battle, leading and motivating. We know what our members need to best do their jobs and provide it. Always be there, right next to everybody, all the time, to assist and lead. Day after day and night after night; happily, good humor and vitality.